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Who travels sees.

Tatjana Abegglen, the social anthropologist and globetrotter, met countless talented people during her academic research and journeys, who were unable to pursue their craft due to their low standard of living and lack of financial and material resources.

Together with her team, she visited various organizations to support the underprivileged, the homeless, street children, and women from sex tourism. She decided to invest all her energy in a sustainable project that she named Artesanos.

Beyond the purpose of providing a livelihood, the work of craftsmen from all over the world should be a tool for communication.

In the sense that all those with a similar conviction have the opportunity to support the work of artisans who are ignored worldwide.


We think big.

To achieve a better and just society.

To bring about sustainable, global change in the lives of artisans from developing and emerging countries.

To shift the emphasis from money to people.

Creating the environment in which such change can take place is the central hub of Artesanos and the basis for the exchange between artisans and consumers.

Neither origin nor education nor the availability of resources should be an obstacle to unfolding the potential of creators.

We are committed to ensuring that all these people have the opportunity to use their manual skills to build a life of greater self-determination and economic independence.

We want our customers to appreciate not only a purchased object but also the story behind it, because the story is as big as the idea of social justice.


People have always created things with their hands.

Artesanos supports the individual, traditional techniques and creative development of artisans all over the world and stands up for their integrity, whereby fair, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable working conditions have the highest priority.

We offer our customers high quality, handcrafted, unique pieces, which are manufactured respecting the high standard of moral and ethical values, which forms the basis of our company.

At the same time, we support various projects and organizations that implement the idea of global equalization of opportunities in a similar way as we do.

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