Original Food and Cotta Ceramic, Switzerland

Leidenschaft, Innovationsgeist und höchster Respekt für die Natur stehen für das Schaffen der Familie Marin auf dem 35ha grossen Familienbetrieb. Ganz nach dem Grundsatz von Dagoberto Marin: «Elige solo una maestra, La Naturaleza» (Es gibt nur einen Meister, die Natur).

ORIGINAL FOOD - Commitment with heart and soul

Commitment and passion for their crafts and the conviction of making a small but nonetheless valuable contribution to a better world are the driving forces of the Original Food team.

 "When many little people in many small places do many little things, they can change the face of the world.” (African proverb)

Fine, ecological and fair

Original Food unique delicacies grow where their natural origin is. Pure and unadulterated, they contain the whole wealth of aroma and taste. They are carefully harvested by the farmers, fairly earned by the community, and refined according to traditional craftsmanship.

Together with their partners, they support the farmers in using and preserving their natural resources in the rainforest as a source of income. In this way, they can improve their livelihood sustainably through their own efforts and earn everything they need for ensuring a good life. With the purchase of each product you contribute directly to achieving this goal.

Together for people and nature

 At the centre of their efforts are projects that give people the opportunity to use and permanently preserve their own natural resources as a basis for life.

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