Pebble, Bangladesh

Hand Made, Fair Trade - naturally

Babies, toddlers and children smile with wonder at the cute designs and quirky expressions, parents smile at the joy of watching their little ones and knowing that their purchase also helped a family a long way away, and the Hathay Bunano artisans smile knowing that they have sustainable, regular and flexible employment and a chance to give their own children a better life.

Hathay Bunano’s social mission is to empower Bangladesh’s most disadvantaged women through training, skills and employment. Each woman employed by Hathay Bunano receives two weeks of free training.








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Photo credit: Thanks to Balaram Mahaldar at ECOFISH for the pictures

Pebble Story


Hathay Bunano aims to provide employment which fits in with the rhythm of rural life, stems the tide of economic migration to the cities and keeps families together.


Making beautiful toys, creating dignified employment, and putting smiles on faces worldwide!

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