Esperanza, Dominican Republic

Creating good jobs for the families of Las Malvinas, a very poor urban slum in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Esperanza has been working with the families of this neighbourhood for over 10 years, when they arrived in 2008 as a part of TECHO (which means 'roof' in Spanish) -- a Chilean non-profit that works with extremely poor families in Latin America.

Through the years and with the help of many partner organizations, they have built houses, parks, additions to the school, and a water cistern in the community.

Esperanza therefore was built from the ground up to serve the women of Las Malvinas and goes the extra mile (or two) to give them meaningful employment.

They provided free training to dozens of women, placed their workshop inside the community so they can be close to home and their flexible work hours accommodate their family responsibilities, and the women earn a variable salary that better reflects their spending needs.

The company works - today women they have hired create high quality, all-natural soaps and scrubs with the island's best ingredients (coconuts, cocoa butter, sugar cane, coffee beans...) that are sold in hotels, tourist gift shops, and many other locations.

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