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Traveling through the underdeveloped parts of the world was an intense learning experience for us that rekindled our compassion and gifted us with a new purpose: to help the people in impoverished and poor regions grow financially as well as skill-wise.  We want to bring a change about the way artisans and craftspeople are treated in developing countries. Endowing them with love, respect, dignity and various resources, we want to help them raise their living standards.

With the perfect balance of financial backing and exposure to skill development programs through our designers, we are paving the way for a better quality of life for these artisans.

However, we need your help in order to continue our support for these talented craftspeople. Our organization links you with the handmade and organic goods from these artisans so you too can contribute to their development and prosperity. We are providing you with the perfect window of opportunity to help these hardworking artisans from undeveloped regions all over the world in exchange for unique, regional and first-rate handmade goods.
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